Hours of Operation:

Sun-Wed: 12-8pm
Thu-Sat: 12-10pm

The Taplist

Welcome to Lillooet Brewing Company

Where craftsmanship meets creativity in every sip. Discover a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, as well as a deep-rooted passion for the art of brewing. Dedicated to quality, flavor, and community, Lillooet Beer welcomes you to discover our diverse range of handcrafted brews capturing the spirit of picturesque Lillooet. Join us in celebrating the perfect blend of nature’s finest ingredients and masterful brewing techniques, all captured in captivating visuals that encapsulate the essence of our distinctive brand. Cheers to embracing the exceptional, one pour at a time!


Discover the perfect culinary companions for your craft beer journey at Lillooet Beer Co. Our food offerings are thoughtfully crafted to elevate your tasting experience.