Can I bring my own food?

YES! We don’t have a kitchen at our brewery but we will have a range of small snacks to accompany your beer. We will have a food truck on site during the summer months but this is a work in progress. Therefore, we want to to feel welcome to bring your own food, order directly from a local restaurant, or choose your own food adventure. Come, stay, relax and enjoy and unique brewery adventure.

Can I bring my pet(s)?

YES! Dogs are most welcome. We ask you to have a leash and poop bags to make sure your dog is safe, happy, and ‘leaves no trace’ on our beautiful property. Our ‘Back 40’ is a perfect place to let your dog off leash to stretch its legs after a long trip to Lillooet!

Is Lillooet Brewing Company family-friendly?

YES! We pride ourselves on being an inclusive place for all. We have a large grassy area for your kids to play outside the patio area but we ask that your kids are accompanied while in the tasting room.

Do you do growler fills?

YES! Growlers are an environmentally-friendly option that reduces packaging waste and represents the freshest option for enjoying your beer on the go! Make sure to drink within 24 hours for maximum refreshment.

Do you rent out our space for private events?

YES! Please inquire well in advance with your questions to info@lillooetbrewing.com and we would be happy to help you plan for your special event.

Growlers Care

Full Growlers

  • Make sure your cap is tight.


  • Do not leave in direct sun.


  • Keep cold.


  • Consume in a day.

Empty Growlers

  • Keep capped until you rinse.


  • Rinse thoroughly with HOT water.


  • Throw the cap away.


  • Air-dry upsidedown.