Our Brewery

The History.

Lillooet Brewing Company is situated on an ancient riverine bench many hundred feet above the mighty Fraser River. Our bench was once home to a saw mill and, later on, the more familiar Feed Store where locals went to pick up essential goods for their hobby farms and gardens. This history still lives on today with the original FEED STORE sign proudly posted on east side of the building. Our building was constructed with old growth Douglas fir timber, much of which was unveiled during renovation efforts. We tried to retain these architectural assets and re-used other timber to create our bar top and other table tops in the tasting room. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour on your next visit!

Lillooet Brewing Company - Lillooet BC

The Brewery.


Our brewery sits on 3 acres of pristine benchlands overlooking the Fraser River. We have plenty of space to host large groups, buses, and events. Bring your dog, your lawn chair, plenty of sunscreen and your appetite!

Email us at amye@lillooetbrewing.com to book your next event!