Beer with Wild Purpose

Sacha Bordas hunting in Lillooet

Co-founders Sacha Bordas and Sam Quinlan are both passionate about Lillooet’s wildlife. Sacha, a conscientious hunter, and seasoned outdoorsman really cares about the wildlife around Lillooet. Sam Quinlan is an ornithologist who traveled the world studying birds and protecting their habitat. He knows Lillooet has some of the rarest bird species in Canada and cares about keeping them around.

So, in making our beer, we’ve decided to put Lillooet’s wildlife front and centre, literally.  Each and every beer will celebrate and educate Lillooet’s At-Risk species and other keystone species that keep our delicate ecosystem in check.

Visitors to Lillooet need a place to stop in and ask questions about Lillooet’s vast wilderness. Some visitors are just curious, others are ready to forge into the wilderness and explore the countless hidden gems our landscape has to offer.

Lillooet Brewing Company will be the town’s de-facto National Park Headquarters. It’s a place for people to converge, discuss, plan and explore. We hope your journey will motivate you to learn more about the wildlife species unique to our area and seek to find ways to protect their populations and habitat.